how Long Does Etizolam Stay in Your System

How Long Does Etizolam Stay in Your System

Etizolam is an efficient anti-anxiety drug that is related to the benzodiazepine class of drugs. It is mainly used for managing anxiety as well as a short-term cure for sleeplessness (insomnia). The effects of this drug can be felt within 30-60 minutes of oral consumption. The effect can last for an average period of 6 to 8 hours. This period can further extend in case of long and continuous sleep after use. The drug works by binding some particular receptors in the mind. As a result, it causes relaxation as well as sleepiness.

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Etizolam Drug Test

The drug clearance rate is the amount of time that a particular drug will stay detectable in the body. Etizolam can be detected for up to two days.

1. The nervous system

Etizolam stays in the system may cause several adverse effects. The Etizolam side effects may include sedation headache drowsiness, muscle weakness, and in-coordination, confusion, slurred speech depression, tremor, .and visual disturbances. This is because much of its effectiveness affects the nervous system. In case of overdosage, Flumazenil is used as a competitive antagonist of GABA receptors. Therefore people with mental issues tend to have extended etizolam stay in the system.

2. Urine test

First, Etizolam’s metabolism is hepatic, meaning that the liver changes Etizolam to another compound that may then be emitted by the kidneys. The urine is water-soluble, and Etizolam is not, but through turning Etizolam to alpha-hydroxyetizolam, it can, in that case, be removed by the kidneys.

The drug will turn a urine test result positive as early as 2-7 hours after you have taken the drug. A urine test, together with urinalysis is the conventional means of checking for etizolam in your system. After your body metabolizes the drug, around t one-fifth of the swallowed dose, stays in the urine. Low-dose users might test positive for etizolam for up to 2 days after drinking. Heavy users might test positive results for up to a week after ingestion.

3. Dosage duration

Low etizolam dosage or long gaps between consumption may make the result to be negative because the levels of the drug in urine can drop less than the detection cutoff. Additionally, the difference of time between using the medicine and having a urine test may affect the levels of the drug in the body. The levels of the drugs might not be high enough to produce a positive test result.

Metabolism as well affects the result of the urine tests. Every person has a different metabolism rate. An individual’s metabolic rate differs, and this depends on age, ethnicity, gender, as well as the presence of kidney or liver impairment. Having slow metabolism rates can indicate that the drug will remain in the urine for quite a long time. Individuals with fast metabolism rates will break down the drug fast, and thus diminish the detection window.

4. Blood tests

Blood tests can detect the existence of etizolam in just hours after drinking, and the blood sample can test positive for up to one day after drinking. However, blood tests have limited detection windows more than urine tests.

5. Metabolism

Since we are all created differently, from one individual to the other, the same is the rate of metabolism and the time it takes to eliminate from the body. Therefore Etizolam may extend its elimination from the system. The metabolism of Etizolam involves conjugation and hydroxylation. Its metabolite is formed through hydroxylation to form α-hydroxyetizolam which potency is comparable to its parent drug. This means that its metabolites may have pharmacological effects as those of Etizolam. CYP enzyme is the primary catalyst in the metabolism/ biotransformation of etizolam.

6. Absorption

Etizolam is highly absorbed in the intestine and has 93% bioavailability after oral administration. When orally taken 0.5mg of Etizolam takes about 0.9hrs to reach its peak plasma concentration.

7. Half-life

Etizolam has a half-life of about 6.2 hours. The primary metabolite of Etizolam is 8.2 hours. Therefore, It takes about five half-lives for the body to remove a substance (or approximately 96.975%) altogether. For instance, if you take 1 mg of Etizolam, after about 8 hours, you will still have around 0.5 mg left in your system. It can be increased to 17 hrs due to the rate of metabolism.

Sudden Discontinuing Effects

If you have a mild etizolam use disorder, you might be able to discontinue using it on your own. However, stopping the drug all of a sudden can cause withdrawal symptoms that can be life-threatening. Therefore, it is safer to quit it with help and support from a health professional.

An individual with a severe etizolam use disorder needs professional treatment and assistance to stop using the drug. With the necessary treatment, effort, and support, recuperation from etizolam addiction is possible. The harshness of the withdrawal symptoms may be reduced by gradually narrowing off the drug. After an individual reduces their dosage for a couple of days, their tolerance falls, and they happen to be less reliant on the substance.

Etizolam Stays in the Central Nervous System

Etizolam slows down the central nervous system. Reports indicate that etizolam is six to ten times more potent than diazepam in the majority of its effects. It is at present not approved for human use in the United States. However, the drug is on the market in some countries. Without proper information as well as knowledge of the possible effects of etizolam, it is hazardous to use the drug without a physician’s care.

It is advisable to get the right drug from the recommended vendors. You need to take safe drugs. The manufacturers have in mind how the eliminate drugs; therefore, getting an original drug and taking the prescribed dosage form is essential.

The drug has to be taken as instructed so that it is eliminated accordingly. An under dose will not give any effect, and if there is, it will be minimal while overdose sometimes will lead to accumulation which is toxic to the body. Therefore the right dosage goes hand in hand with the amount being eliminated and the duration.

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