Etizolam and Alcohol Uses & Side Effects

Etizolam and Alcohol Interaction and Side Effects

It can produce some troubles when someone uses Etizolam mixed with CNS depressants drugs such as alcohol. The interaction of etizolam and alcohol increases poisoning or overdose. This may complicate the reversal and management of symptoms. Etizolam and alcohol poisoning is similar to opioid intoxication and has the same symptoms such as slurred speech, and low breathing rate. It’s not advisable to mix alcohol and Etizolam due to the effects they have, especially in the central nervous system as people use them as antidepressants.

Since Etizolam isn’t an opioid, naloxone that’s popular as an antidote in opioids, will not have any effect on etizolam/ alcohol poisoning nor reverse the effects. When you mix it with alcohol, it’s complicated to differentiate the cause of poisoning from that of opioids.

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Dangers of Etizolam and Alcohol Use

  1. There are serious complications that are exhibited by alcohol and etizolam usage and abuse.
  2. Several reports are showing most complications such as heart and respiratory failure and even death to the abuse of etizolam and alcohol combined among the college students and teens
  3. The drug is accessible in numerous forms since they include powder. It can quickly get its way to the teen and make alcohol concoctions, like the popular one known as Dirty Sprite. Its potentially lethal cocktail is made of soft drinks like Sprite, prescription analgesics, alcohol, and candy as a flavoring agent.
  4. Withdrawal syndrome that is related to Etizolam can become very dangerous as the adverse side effects of the drug may even lead to death.
  5. When combined with alcohol, Etizolam just like other benzodiazepine is very addictive, and people who use it can be tempted to overdose hence abuse it.
  6. In most cases, drug tests fail to detect etizolam; that’s why it has become of great concern. Especially the matter is for college students who have used it with alcohol. It has resulted in it being related to date-rape drug-related cases.

How Etizolam and Alcohol Works

Just like other sedatives, it slows down respiratory activity and brain activity, and due to its mechanism of action. Medical doctors only prescribe etizolam in cases of insomnia and anxiety. In the US, Etizolam is only used in research and classified as a narcotic drug due to its effects. It is prevalent only in clinical trials and investigations. For the moment, alcohol and etizolam abuse are widespread among teenagers, and this won’t be fading away soon.

There has been a rise of cases whereby alcohol and Etizolam have been taken together by peers. There have been reports of overdose, and that has called for emergency medical therapy rising in these countries. Just like the use of other benzodiazepines, anyone abusing alcohol and Etizolam requires professional medical treatment immediately.

Warning Signs

  1. Due to the Continued use of etizolam just as alcohol, most of the time may cause harmful/adverse side-effects. This is a warning sign of continuous use. The Adverse effects of etizolam include:
  2. Excessive sedation and sleepiness.
  3. Hopelessness.
  4. Disorderly.
  5. Impair cognitive functioning.
  6. Impair coordination.
  7. Blurred vision.
  8. Indistinct speech.
  9. Libido alteration.
  10. Trembling.

Etizolam is not marketed in the US, although it is widely available online and can be delivered directly to your home. It is a scheduled drug in the US, and anyone found in possession of this drug is violating federal law. Use of Etizolam in most cases just like alcohol, you may develop an addiction. They may include

  1. Decreased productivity and poor performance at work
  2. Absenteeism in schools and you may drop in grade.
  3. Increased isolation and you tend to be always alone. You may intend to avoid your responsibilities.
  4. Due to addiction effects, one feels to take more to experience some desired results.
  5. Just like alcohol withdrawal syndrome aren’t a walk in the park.

Medical Detoxification of Etizolam

Abrupt Stopping of alcohol and Etizolam is not safe. Etizolam is a short-acting drug, and you can replace it with long-acting drugs benzodiazepines so that one can lower withdrawal syndrome. It mitigates them and reduces these cravings especially during detoxification procedures

Medical detoxification in both alcohol and etizolam addiction is commonly provided in rehab facilities where monitoring is done all round the clock. Utmost care should be provided to withdrawing individuals so that professionals can well manage withdrawal symptoms. There is an outpatient option for individuals. But this is only available to those individuals who are highly committed to recovering from the addiction and have few physical signs of dependence.

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Safer drug usages are the strategies used to minimize and prevent the risk of poisoning, overdose, and abuse they include.

  1. Avoid using alone. Use it when necessary and under prescription and supervision
  2. Always start low and go slow – do a test dose for the potency or strength of the drug
  3. Avoid mixing substances such as alcohol, cannabis, and POMS
  4. Know your tolerance rate and sensitivity tests. That can help to reduce the risk of poisoning and sensitivity to drugs.

The Final Verdict on Etizolam and Alchohol Interaction

Many people are not aware that there is drug-drug interaction and drug-food interaction. When someone takes a drug with another drug, and one of them is an inducer, then it is metabolized faster, and it fails to achieve its functions. If you take medicine which is an inducer and you are combining it with Etizolam. The interaction of Etizolam and Alchohol increases the metabolism of etizolam. Some drugs are inhibitors when taken in with etizolam, they inhibit its metabolism, or instead, they slow down its breakdown. Thus, elimination takes long, and it leads to accumulation.

A drug has to be eliminated after some time as accumulation brings in other side effects that may worsen individual health. That is why if you are an alcoholic, there are some drugs you are not supposed to take. This is something that a doctor should tell you. Most medications do not go well with alcohol; it is advisable to ask your doctor if there would be complications. Since alcohol is not a necessity, you can go for that period.

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